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GM BIQS level 5 requirements

Hello team,

Our company is Tier1 GM supplier.
Our BIQS assessment has been conducted in 2016 and since then the BIQS level 5 maintained until May 2019 when it changed to level 1
No earlier notice specifying expired status or requirements to conduct a new assessment received from GM.
According to GM manual BIQS level 1 or 2 is automatic nonconformance by IATF registar.
Response from GM SQE was to contact our IATF registar and complete the assessment which we did right away.
However our registar needs details of why our BIQS level changed from 5 to 1, this in order to initiate corrective action.

Has somebody faced recently similar situation and what was the solution or action item ?

Thank you and have a great weekend.
GM has verbally confirmed that BIQS is no longer monitored by them , CSR manual has to be revised accordingly .
as soon as I receive formal response by email I will update this thread.
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