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GM BIQS level 5 training?

I am new to this forum and here is my first post. :bigwave:

Anyone knows about this training?
"How to obtain and maintain BIQS Level 5" from NEXUS QSD: The Supplier Development Institute (SDI).

1. Is this association affiliated with GM?
2. Feedback on this training course?
3. If no one does #2 in the past, how about training from Nexus (SDI) in general?



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I don't if GM authorized the third party to do training for BIQS in US. But one week ago, GM China and SAIC GM distributed a mail to its supplier in China, which stated that GM and SAIC GM did not authorize any third party to do BIQS training. They strongly suggested that the suppliers should use GM offical training material, understand and implement BIQS requirements by the supplier based on theire business status.


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As Johnson said, GM requires BIQS training at their training campus or in some cases, they go to your city. I strongly suggest to contact your SQE, he might deliver the right info regarding this.
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