GM Controlled Shipping Restriction due to a recent quality issue



Our QS-9000 Coordinator has pushed back our registration date 60 days. The reason given was that we are on a controlled shipping restriction due to a recent quality issue and we cannot be registered while on this restriction. Is there any reason why current quality issues from a customer affect our registration from a 3rd. party auditor. Anyone have any insights on this issue?

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Kevin Mader

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Your coordinator may want to present the best overall picture to the Registrar and would like to eliminate as many of the loose ends as he/she can. A build up of many little things may cloud the picture or add up to a signifacant program/system problem. To your point; a current quality issue should not speak entirely for the Quality System or the Program. Your organization should be able to register in light of this problem (provided most everything else is in order and you are responding in the correct fashion).


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