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GMDN code wanted - Software for handling records

Hello everyone!

I would like to find a GMDN code for a new product without the pricy registering process :(

It is a software for handling records.

Thank you in advance!

Ronen E

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Thanks guys, I guess I just got a little tired of repeating.

Expanding a little, have you noticed the prevalence of this state of mind: "Ask, and thou shall be given"...? I guess I shouldn't complain - these days it is indeed possible to get a lot of things for absolutely free, so we tend to get used to it, and why not ask?... Sometimes it's really and legally for free - examples: Open Source SW, some answers and resources on Elsmar; sometimes it's plain illegal but easy to get away with - example: pirated PDFs of published standards on the web; and sometimes it's a bait, where people don't notice what's going on - example: free use of social media to lure people to provide info and get exposed to targeted advertisement. Heck, I take part on both sides - I download and use F/OOS and I provide free answers on Elsmar.

Even where you have to pay, some stuff is unbelievably cheap. I buy things on eBay where the total cost, including shipping from China to Australia, is less than what can possibly be the minimal cost of ordinary mail (<$1, I honestly don't understand how anyone makes any profit this way). I guess this is the endpoint of unrestrained commercial competition. But why should I complain?...

So, why pay for something when you can get it for free, with no (apparent) consequences? Because it's morally right (and if so, does that mean volunteering is wrong)? Because in the bigger scheme it's more sustainable? And, who cares about morals or bigger schemes when the business is struggling?
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Search Term: Drug Coated Stent

First hit:
Term Details
Drug-coated-metal coronary artery stent
A sterile, non-bioabsorbable, metallic tubular mesh structure covered with a drug directly on the metal surface (i.e., not eluted by a polymer or carbon coating), designed to be implanted via a delivery catheter into a de novo or restenotic native coronary artery, during a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), to maintain its patency typically in a patient with symptomatic atherosclerotic heart disease. The drug is intended to inhibit restenosis by reducing vessel smooth muscle cell proliferation; neither polymers nor antibody coating are included. Disposable devices associated with implantation may be included.

Created Date 24 Aug 2016
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Thank you for your purchase.
The code for term Drug-coated-metal coronary artery stent is below.
Please copy this code, or print this page.

Ronen E

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You can now get GMDN Codes and Names by subscribing to a BASIC account that is free of charge.

No kidding...not April Fools! I just joined and it works.
Press Release: The Basic GMDN membership is made available as a free service - GMDN Agency
Compare Plans - GMDN Agency

After you join and search for, and find the GMDN Term Name and Definition, you click on "Buy it Now" and the GMDN Code appears, for free.
Life is good(?)
Yes, this is fresh out of the oven.
I hope that's the end for our (endless) discussions about obtaining GMDN codes. Good riddance!
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