GMDN (Global Medical Device Nomenclature) Codes


I have been asked for the GMDN codes for our products as part of product registration. Is there any way to access the codes without having to be a member of the GMDM, which costs €1500 + €1000 per year?

For IVDs, I can find a cross reference between EDMA and GMDN which lists all IVD codes (, but cant find an equivalent for medical devices.


We still use the UMDNS on our certificates, since there is the big fuzz on the very high license fees...

Until now, none of our customers needed the GMDN, UMDNS was always sufficient.



But how does the GMDN differ from the UCRI & UMDNS codes? I've been asked specifically for the GMDN code. Also, the link Al Rosen had posted to a searchable database is no longer active.



i would like to know the gmdn code for all opthalmic strips are same ...from where i am able to acess this ....
For which purpose do you need the GMDN codes?

We still use the UMDNS codes on our certificates, and none of pur customers needs a GMDN code.

At least here in Europe there is no legally binding requirement for GMDN.


Dear all

We need GMDN code for purpose of product registration....GMDN code for Strips are same for all the strips?

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