GM's GME 60206 (now GMI 60206?) is similar to DIN 50021


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Gme 60206 (gmi 60206)


I've been looking for the GME 60206 standard. As I've heard, now it's GMI 60206, and it is about some tests that coatings must pass. Can anybody send it to me, or tell me where can I find it.

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Can't find any reference on the GM website (GMSupplyPower).

You might try [email protected]

The phone numbers are:
US/Canada Toll Free Number: 877-431-6462 (Toll Free)
Global Toll Number: 001 416 380 3262 (Toll Number)
Argentina: 0800-800-4762
Brazil: 000 815 5327 5128 (Ligação Gratuita)
Mexico: 001 800 514 5129 (Llama Gratis)
Thailand: 001 800 15 7231 9272 (Toll Free)
Other International: 800-6462-6462*

Hope this helps.

Irantzu - 2002

I've been looking and I found out that GME 60206 is similar to DIN 50021. So if anyone can send me this, it would be OK.
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