GM's GP-12 Early Production Containment applicable to Tier 2 Suppliers?

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Roger Eastin

We're a tier 2 supplier and I have never heard of that GM requirement! What is it and why would tier 2's be involved?

Jim Green

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Roger I'm glad you responded to this cause you are the King of Interpretation.
Here is the scoop.
Are customer, who is a large steel company, said that GM is requesting PPAP's from them. They in turn want a ppap from us.
One of the main criteria included in this PPAP is a GP-12 (lcocated in the PPAP book in the Customer specific section II on page 34. The GP-12 is titled Early Production Containment.
I was confused because we have done PPAP's for other tier 1 customers doing business with GM and they have never requested it. Any help is appriciated.

A. Stuart Dyer

If G.M. requires PPAP from Tier I and also says that Tier I will require PPAP from Tier II then GP-12 would be a requirement to be held at Tier one per record retention requirements and the tier I would do the same, depending on the submission level (1-5).

GP-12 is really very easy and we all probably do it on all new products anyways, so it is probably just the case of using the GP-12 procedure and related forms.:bigwave:


Looking at the PPAP Manual in the Customer specifics, GM is looking for the GP-12 requirement to be covered in your Control Plan.
I'm intrepreting that in your "Pre-Launch" control plan, you need to state that GP-12 will be followed. We have EPC (Early Production Containment) here, but I can't remember the exact number of parts that must go through EPC before GP-12 is satisfied.....I think it's something like two weeks of full production at launch will be 100% checked with no defects found before EPC can be stopped. (I'm sure if I'm wrong I will be corrected in no time :) )
I'm going to try to find the GP-12 procedure that I know is around here somewhere....that might help clarify this also.

Roger Eastin

All that said, it's still interesting that we've never had to comply with GP-12, being a tier 2 supplier. I guess there's a requirement written somewhere that states that some tier 2's have to do this and other tier 2's don't have to!

Bill Smith 98

GP-12 for sub-suppliers

We usr the GP-12 containment methodology frequently, for our suppliers. We re-word the letter a little , but the intent is the same.

Bill Ryan - 2007

We are (recently) Tier 1 to GM. We were Tier 1 in the past when Delphi was still "under the umbrella". We're very used to having to perform to "GP-12" requirements.

We have been Tier 2 and Tier 3 for many years, with most of our Tier 1 customers supplying GM, and have always had the "GP-12" requirement. It is not that big a deal when it is planned for and has proven to "verify" the Production Control Plan.

I believe (without looking it up) the default number of pieces is 1200, unless otherwise specified. It has only been recently that we have had customers "specify" a quantity and then it is mostly a length of time or number of shipments, as opposed to a specific quantity of parts.

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