GM's PQAP - Parts Quality Attainment Plan


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GM's PQAP - What is it?

The thread title says it all. What does PQAP stand for? Program Quality Assurance Plan? Proposed Quality Assurance Plan? Proposed Quality Assurance Program? Programa da Qualidade na Administração

Seeking GM's 'definition'.

Huggers - 2007

The answer to "what is PQAP"

This stands for "Parts Quality Attainment Plan".:bigwave:

Huggers - 2007

Reply to Al

Hello Al and All,

I am a GM employee (also, a QS-9000/ISO 14000 Auditor) and I found the Acronym at a gm site I have access to. It did not have a definition, but I could probably hunt this down if needed. Let me know if you need anything else. :rolleyes:
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