Going for QS Cert but not ALL processes are at Cpk 1.33



QS Cert w/o 100% Cpk

What if you are going for QS-9000 certification and don't have 100% of your processes at Cpk 1.33 or better? We have 2 processes running about 1.00 and estimate the cost to be greater than $5 million to correct. Our customer is happy. What about the QS auditors?

Brian Dowsett

3 Possibles :
1)If you are making sure the customer is happy by doing something extra (like 100% inspection) make sure this is documented in your reaction plan for processes under 1.33
2) If you aren't doing anything extra and the customer is happy, could it be that the tolerance is uneccesarily tight and you could ask for it to be changed (that'll be the day!)
3) Get your happy customer to write a waiver saying they are happy with the capability at 1.0 Cpk and would rather live with it than have you spend 5 million and either increase your price or go out of business.



Spaceman Spiff

Another thing to consider is when was the product approved for production. In my past experience, I was able to convince the customer that since the product was designed back in the early 80's, the design requirement was Cpk of 1. If we were required to increase our capability to the new requirement, there will be additional costs, i.e., new tooling, new equipment, etc. They happily signed the waiver.


Thanks for your comments, guys.
What you suggested was what I was planning.
1. We currently do 100% inspection on those process points.
2. The customers are happy the the final product - these points are internal and not measurable in the finished product state. And our products meet and exceed final customer specs.
3. The when designed is also a good point. The original design is several years old and of course dates prior to QS.

Again, thanks for your input!
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