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I have read several of the forum threads concerning TS16949. They mostly only talk about being ISO registered and wanting to know if they should go to QS or TS. Or they talk about the differences between the QS9000 & TS16949.

I am really confused on some issues that I haven't seen addressed on other forums.

If you are already a QS9000 registered company, what are your options in terms of maintaining your QS9000 registration? Do you even have any? I understand that the TS16949 is not replacing the QS9000, but if you can't continue to get re-certified to QS9000, then what is the point of maintaining the system?

Also, I'm really confused on how the new ISO9000:2000 will affect us since all of our policies/procedures are written to the QS9000 3rd edition standard which has the ISO(1994)incorporated into it. Do we basically take the QS-9000 3rd edition manual and mark out the ISO parts and then comply to the ISO9000:2000?

Would it be easier to just call it quits on QS (our 7th surveillence audit is in May) and focus on getting TS or what?

I am just really confused on this issue. I am getting bombarded with questions from our top management about this. I'd like to be able to give them some answers. But so far nothing I have read addresses these questions.


I am told the QS-9000 registration we currently have is good and renewable. At the moment, the big 3 has said they will accept either/or. The new ISO 9001/2000 has no effect on QS whatsoever. QS is written to ISO 9001-1994 and will not be re-written to the new standard. The indication is that 16949 will someday replace QS-9000, but there is no official repacement notice out yet to my knowledge.
We are staying with our QS and reviewing 16949 with a view to moving in that direction at a later date. There appears to be plenty of time to prepare for a switch as once again the various bodies are fighting over the carcass. Keep your QS going strong and you should do fine.
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