Going into IATF 16949 transition without Internal Audits

I've recently joined the company and am working on transition prep, a big concern is that the internal audit schedule has not been adhered to in a big way.

I raised an internal non conformance, devised a new plan and started up the audits, however there is still a massive gap.

I am new to this, but understood that the external auditor will be expecting to see 12 months of internal audit, is there anything else i can do?


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Maybe i was misunderstood. A full system audit doesn't have to take 12 months to complete. We audit each process 2x per year at minimum, based on a CSR.

For our transition, we were asked to provide a summary of these results, and evidence of a compliant management review.
I had somewhat of a similar experience a few years back. Part of the problem was MY misunderstanding of what the auditor was asking for.
What they wanted to see during my (registration) audit was evidence of a full audit cycle (i.e. all processes audited), corrective actions for nonconformances, management review of the audit results, etc.
It isn't necessarily a '12 month' task - depending on the resources you have available, it should be fairly easily completed in a month or so (including all the corrective actions, management review, etc.)

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