Going Rate for Performing a Supplier Audit?



Hi All,

I work for a call center that has pharmaceutical companies as clients. We collect Adverse Event information and Medical information type calls for these clients. We have a perspective new client that is going to be manufacturing a medical device (has not been approved yet). This particular client is very small and as such will be outsourcing just about all their functions to my company.

My question is that they want our audit team to go out and perform audits of the manufacturer of their product, the logistics and transportation of their device and also the audit of ensuring that it is only delivered to hospitals. Can anyone tell me what kind of hourly charge auditors are getting these days? Our audit team consists of two IRCA certified lead auditors each with about 20 years of audit experience. We have only to date done supplier audits where our company paid for the audit, we have never contracted out the auditors services so really have no idea what to put in the audit plan for this client?

Can anyone offer any advice? :confused:

Thanks so much
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