Going to Tosebo in 2015



Well, it looks like I'm almost the only one here (Hi Marc!)

It appears as though I'll be taking the family on a little vacation this summer to Tosebo, assuming Martha can find a date for us. We'll probably be renting the Trunk House, as I don't think the cabins get rented out, and my wife would want an indoor bathroom and kitchenette anyway.

I was discussion thing with my (now) 5-year-old daughter tonight before bedtime. She'd found one of the souvenirs of the 2009 reunion -- a yellow-painted 'gold' rock from Gold Rush Day. She is now convinced that there might be more 'gold' hiding out at the camp (I'll be sure that there is!)

We'll probably make that trek up to Sleeping Bear, just as we did as campers. I'm also going to arrange a trip down the Pine River, which we also did as campers.

It's awfully sentimental, but I'll look forward to seeing the old place again.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Yeah - I sorta went through the nostalgia phase. I only have one daughter and she's an athletics master person (totally unlike me) and out on her own for several years now.

I put this forum here probably 15 years ago. The internet was younger and it was all different. These days there is, as you know, a Tosebo web site and essentially it was bought up and rehabbed by some ex-campers. I have been invited, but - Well, it's not on my "bucket list" to try to relive those days.

I would like to take some time and see Tosebo again. It would be really nice. But I really don't have someone to be able to relate to. That said, I thought about Tosebo, and it had a significant effect on my life - Which is why so many years ago I made a forum for it here.

I hope you have a good trip. It's a wonderful place.

And yeah - I remember the Sleeping Bear trip. Very unique.

I have no idea what summer camps are like these days, but I bet a lot of it is cell phone texting, for better or worse.

I learned to sail at Tosebo in the prams, and then 2 years at Culver I got into the big sailboats.

I've had a good life. You never know - I may see Tosebo again before I go...
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