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posted 25 February 2001 07:45 PM
I really need some help from any of you folks that may work for a Registrar. I have an interview with a Registrar this week. They say they want me and that they need me (actually it's my credentials I guess). What do I have to look forward to?
What do Registrars really look for in a an Auditor? I've got credentials ( RAB EMS-LA), I've got education (finishing MBA), I've got some experience (that's how I got the EMS-LA), I'm not too stupid (I belong to MENSA), I'm mature (turn 50 in July) and my wife says I'm good lookin'.

Where may I fall short? (I'm 6ft)

What is a decent compensation? What can I hope to get as bennies? Who pays expenses? Why are we here? Why is the air blue?

I have lots of questions.......HELP!!!!!!!
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Congrats Randy - Relax and be yourself. From the posts you have written here, you will be fine.
From my experience with auditors, the main thing registrars look for is a heart beat. The education is certainly a bonus although every auditor I have met graduated first in his class at MIT. It is also good you belong to MENSA as that is a requirement (sort of the auditor's union). One thing worries me though: "I have lots of questions .. HELP !!!!!!" We all know a TRUE auditor has ALL THE ANSWERS.
When it comes to payments FROM a registrar, "decent compensation" is an oxymoron. As for paying expenses, you know it is us poor clients who foot the bill. Just a final note - your wife says I'm good looking too.
All kidding aside - Good luck - I hope you get the job.

Aaron Lupo

Randy, it all depends on the Registrar some pay you per day you audit (No benefits), some pay you a salary and your audit days will vary. As far as expense I would assume you are talking about travel, hotel, meals, lodging etc.., that would be covered by your Registrar who in turn charge their client. What would a good Registrar look for, that you would be able to obtain and assess objective evidence fairly, remain true to the scope of the audit without deviating, evaluate the effects of audit observations, treating personnel in a way that will best achieve the audit objectives, perform the audit with out deviation due to distractions, react effectively in stressful situations, arrive at generally acceptable conclusions based on audit observations, base findings on fact not speculation, communicate effectively (written and oral), politely stand by conclusions despite pressure to change what is not based on evidence, etc...

Hope this helps.

Ann dawkins

Make sure the regitars' name doesn't start with a letter that corresponds with the number 16 and 10!


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Thanks.....and I don't think 16 - 10 is suitable for me. They seem to have a snotty attitude. I also have developed an opinion about the company that corresponds with 21 - 12 (they don't want you unless you have an engineering degree..nothing else counts for them).


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Pretty good guess Marc. They're advertising for Auditors like a couple of other Registrars are, but they seem to talk to a person like something the cat threw up on the carpet and that they're doing everyone a great favor. "P" on that.

barb butrym

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Pay varies...most are better to their contract auditors than the full time ones. the bennies range from A-Z night and day..etc....

Contract ISo9K auditors get about 400 - 600 a day plus expenses.... but get screwed on travel time till they learn the ropes.

One company I work with has offered $75K annual, another $57 but the bennies were the factor that made them break near even in the end.

be careful what you wish for.( the living from a suitcase gets old real quick!!!!)

EMS should command more $$$$........and more travel time.

good luck....
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