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Goldsmiths University will take beef products off the menu starting in September 2019

John Broomfield

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I’m still waiting for the UN to complete its 80:20 analysis so we know what sources to eliminate first.

Universities taking beef off the menu may be little more, than them signaling their virtue.

Anyone know of a racing yacht and crew available to whisk me across the Atlantic?


Captain Nice
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Removing beef products on campus isn't the only action the university is taking. It also plans to install more solar panels, switch to a 100% clean energy supplier, plant more trees and make climate change education more accessible to students. Perhaps the biggest change the university is making aside from the elimination of beef is a fee of 10 pence (12 cents) on bottled water and single-use plastic cups. The goal is to "discourage use, with the proceeds directed into a green student initiative fund," the college's new warden, Professor Frances Corner, said.
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