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Randy Stewart

It's one of the things my sons and I do from time to time. I enjoy the time together, but I don't enjoy the game all that much.
I'll stick to bowling, the ball comes back to you and you don't have to wait on the girl with the beer cart!
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Our little secret

howste said:
Hey Energy, I liked the first version you posted. Fortunately the subscription email I received has the full text for me to enjoy!
Yes, after I posted, I had second thoughts.But, that's how I really feel. I didn't want Laura M. to think I had wigged out. After all, just because some us don't fit in is no reason to aggravate those that do! :vfunny: Please don't tell on me. :rolleyes:


Now Now

Craig H. said:
howste, I learned some new words too.

Unfortunately, using them here would get me banned from the Cove, or at least arrested, anyhow.
Hey You,

I didn't use any words that wouldn't be acceptable here. It was just a spur of moment, knee jerk reaction to this whole thing with Golf. Be quiet. :vfunny:

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