Good lead auditor course criteria



How do u identify that this Lead Auditor's course is good, esp if u do not have the resources to check out the actual class site or to meet the tutor before u actually apply for the course (this being only on account of the distance, me being in one continent and the trainers in another)!

All the training firms send similar kind of brochures and all the trainers seem to be having really cool credentials, but essentialy which trainer would put more stress on practical training aspect and less on rattling out lectures is what matters. when this question was posed by me to various trainers, all of them say that they adopt the role play and hands on experience methodology. the hours of training vary for all! making me wonder why is it that one trainer needs time upto 4 in the evening while the other needs upto 8 in the evening for the same material and esp if they are all using the hands on based approach.

Surely, one thing I understood, that the criteria of hands on based approach or the timin based apprach or any thing else would not b relevant unless guidance from a person who is actually excelling on account of this training can be sought. And what better place than this forum to look for the same :)

Most of u are experineced ones in this field and while doing ur training u must have realised what a good course entails.

pls help this new comer too, in coming to a right decision.

Thanks in advance to all.

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