Good place for free printable Quality posters? eg: FIFO, 5s, Safety posters



Re: Quality Signs/Posters?

nice 5S Poster, pls could you pls send me 5S Photoshop Poster Size also?
Ofcouse. Please PM me your email so as to supply you the download link once I upload it on any of the file uploading sites. .psd is larger file size.


Re: Quality Signs/Posters?

I have created and uploaded 6 more High Quality (36" x 24" size) 5S posters in .psd formats exclusively meant for non-commercial use. However if one doesn't have Photoshop installed for viewing & editing .psd formats, .jpeg formats are also included in the linked archive.

Follow this link to download all in one go.
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Re: Quality Signs/Posters?

Your 5S poster is great, could you please email me a copy? thanks


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Your request reminds me of Professor Deming's point 10.
Eliminate exhortations
Remove ‘stimulating’ slogans from the workplace. Such slogans, warnings and exhortations are perceived as being patronizing. Quality and production problems do not arise from the individual employee, but from the system itself.

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