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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Bev D

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Or hopefully Adieu, until we meet again!

This has been my sanctuary since May of 1999. There has never been and may never be another place where so many bright experienced and passionate people could congregate to learn, teach and commiserate and celebrate. I have made many lasting cyber connections here and I am in awe of their wisdom and support. There are far too many to list, but among them are: Jennifer Kirley, Steve Prevette, BradM, Miner, Statistical Steven (who I had the pleasure of sharing a public hug with at the 2015 ASQ world conference) MireMgr Bob Doerring and yes, Jim W himself! I even was lucky enough to get one of the covers a job at my company - and he's doing a great job!

...and Marc made all of this possible.

I choose to look upon this as commencement day and hope that we all can meet again in some fashion to continue the work we have done in advancing the Quality profession. As Jennifer alluded to in another post, hopefully this hiatus will really only be a "3 hour tour" and we'll return to a safe and friendly cove together soon!

All my best to each and every one of you!!!!:thanks:
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Everyone here made a difference. Those who contributed offered an unbelievable amount of accumulated information. Even those who only lurked, likely took that information and applied it in their situations.

The impact is virtually immeasurable.

In keeping with the spirit of the stubborn old man I'm becoming, though, I'm going to keep coming here until my browser says "here" isn't here any more.

Enjoyed my time here with you all. Hope to see everyone on the next big thing.



Really sorry to see this end. Elsmar has been my go-to source so many times. I really loved seeing the wide range of opinion and thoughtful responses to questions. Good luck, everyone.



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It's difficult for me to process that this is the last time I'm going to get kicked to the "YOU NEED TO LOG IN" screen...:(

The lot of you have saved my ass so many times.

There's money in my pocket right now because of you.

Some nights when I was near tears, coming here gave me solutions and options for rational paths.

Thanks all -


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