Google Forms As Controlled Documents?


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Hi All,

We are in the process of switching our QMS to Google Drive. For our Auditing section we have created numerous internal auditing forms using Google Forms. All of the data that is recorded from those forms gets put into a spreadsheet. Currently both the Form and the Spreadsheet have controlled document numbers. We are considering the option of just only having the spreadsheet be a controlled document and the Form can just be where the information is submitted and not controlled. Does it make sense to have both the Form and the Spreadsheet controlled, or is it easier to just only have the Spreadsheet controlled since that's where all the recorded information is?


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What's this say? For the control of documented information, the organization shall address the following activities, as applicable:
a) distribution, access, retrieval and use;
b) storage and preservation, including preservation of legibility;
c) control of changes (e.g. version control);
d) retention and disposition

Straight from the ISO -
The words “appropriate” and “applicable” are not interchangeable. “Appropriate” means suitable (for, to) and implies some degree of freedom, while “applicable” means relevant or possible to apply and implies that if it can be done, it needs to be done.
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