Google wants feedback on small websites you think should rank higher


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Devil's advocate:

Whenever I have searched, using Google, anything related to Quality, Quality systems, etc. I have seen at least one Elsmar Cove link in the first 2 pages, often the first. I might have been lucky but the Cove, in my experience, is ranking well for quality related matters. The only term I couldn't find a link to the cove was for VDA 6.3, I guess that standard is not big on the cove.

I will of course get round to my input on Google like everyone else because I believe the Cove to be the premier quality source for information on the internet. This is down to those taking part and anything to promote the cove like this I support. If this gets more people looking at the cove and being helped then very good. I just wondered how well ranked the cove is. Anyone else find it appears highly ranked on Google for quality matters?


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Google wants feedback on small websites you think should rank higher. Tell Google about the Elsmar forum here:

There is no need to be logged in to Google to submit this form so anyone can do it.
I think this question is about Google wanting to know what websites do you visit? As far as I am aware, Google already know the answer to the question asked because of their tracking of the sites users visit.


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Re: Completing the Google form

There aren't any directions, obviously, so I assume or in the first field. Specifying the Forum part of the site in the second field would be nice.
Opps, I used I hope that counted.
Anyways I cited some stats from the "Trend Numbers = Total 'New' so far this month " section. Then mentioned that the site is frequently visited by professionals and students alike.

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