GR&R for a test fixture that outputs variable data per measurement



I am challenged to perform a GR&R on an air gage that returns hundreds of data points for each measurement cycle for one part.

I am familiar with the typical GR&R for variable data, but in this scenario, when an operator takes a measurement of a single part, the result is over 100 data points.

Is there a GR&R process to address this type of gage output?


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You use the data from the gage (100's of points) to verify something:
- proper function
- in-spec operation
- adequate air pressure
- ....something...

If you were to record the measurement from this gage to ensure proper operation, what would you record? On what data is your decision of "it is ok" made?

My guess is that you use either the minimum, or the mean...or someone glancing at the gage and calling out a number...not hundreds of numbers.

If my supposition above is at all correct, I would run GRR on the number you conclude from the gage, not the hundreds of points per measurement.

Can you tell us more about how you USE the gage in normal operation?
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