Grace Period - QS and TS Surveillance Audits


Fischer F

period of grace for surveillance for TS & QS

The last QMC Report (VDA) gives the following statement:

- Question 2 (ISO/TS 16949)
The QMC-Report 14 states that "the period of grace for surveillance and re-audits is +/- 2 months with reference to the certification date(on the certificate)." Does this also apply to ISO/TS 16949 surveillance and re-certification audits?

Answer to Question 2
NO! This rule only applies to VDA 6.1. For ISO/TS 16949 exceeding the audit date (surveillance or re-certification audit) is not permissible. -

How is your registrar handing " The period of grace for surveillance" for TS & QS?
I have several different information from different registrars.

Roger Eastin

Nope. What is a "QMC" report anyway? I have never heard of that before.
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