Graduated Glasses to Measure Amount of Sand


Montserrat P

Right now, We are using plasic (Nalgene) glasses to measure the amount of sand that we need to add to our process, however, because we did not count on with a specific measurement of glass the people did take the decision to cut the glass to an appropiate measurement. However, according with a last audit, we know that is important to count on with any kind of instrumental lab. accesory with a certificate of calibration. If the people continue cutting the glasses, the certification will not valid anymore.
Right now we need glasses of the next measurments:
20,30,35,40,59, 60, 70, 75, 80, 150 and 160 mils.
We can found glasses with the exact measurement, but there are other measurements that is not possible to found.
One of the ideas is to manufacturing that glasses to the appropiate measurments, however, my question is: How can I handle the calibration of that glasses?
Do anyone know a supplier that manufacturing and certificate glasses according to the needs of customer?

Jerry Eldred

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I do not have a specific answer. But I will recommend to contact the manufacturer of some of the glassware you use and ask them this question. What I mean is to contact directly the actual manufacturer, not the company selling the glassware.

Do I understand also that you would like to know how to verify the accuracy of the glassware?

Montserrat P

Thanks for your prompt response! Yes, I would like to know which could be the best procedure to verify the the accurance of the glasses if we take the decision to solicit manufacturing them.
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