Gravimetric blender for resin in automotive industry - periodical calibration via external lab with certification

Martin Kučera


can someone help with me this topic? Is really neccessary, according to quality management - IATF 16949, to have "calibration wheel" from external laboratory on our gravimetric blenders including mandatory records of gauges? Or just preventive maintenance record and periodical self-calibration activities according to user manual enough? Can I find a formal support in any quality manuals for automotive industry compatible with IATF 16949 rules / recommendations?

Honestly, I am little bit confused. I understand that main part of gravimetric blender is relatively accurate scale and the malfunction affects the product quality, but this "rule" could be also applied on the other equipments ( like temperature controller, Injection / extruder unit with temperature sensors etc ) where PM record is fully sufficient for external auditors. What is your point of view?

Thank you in advance


Martin Kučera
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