Great Moments In Metrology History--Underwear Caliper

Jim Wynne

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I just noticed this item on eBay. It's a Kenosha Klosed Krotch underwear caliper. It was manufactured by Lufkin for Cooper's, the predecessor of Jockey, whose headquarters is still in Kenosha (WI).

Careful examination of the photos provided reveals that the device has no calibration sticker. I wonder if this means that there were lots of people running around with ill-fitting long-johns as a result.

I've attached a few photos from the listing because the link will go dead in 90 days.


Wes Bucey

Re: calibration sticker
Sometimes we found the calibration stickers and tags interfered with the operation or reading of "delicate instruments" [or instruments for delicate things?], so we put the sticker on the protective case for the instrument.;)

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