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Greg B - AWOL

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Mike S.

Happy to be Alive
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Jeez! Some people will go to any length to get attention! :vfunny: Hope your recovery is going well and the future holds good health.

Randy Stewart

My sister went through that stuff a year ago Greg. Our prayers will be with you, but if you see energy bobbing his head, he's just pretending! :vfunny:

Now about the AWOL stuff; you may be joking about the note from your mother but they do work! While I was on the Von Steuben SSBN 632 as the Deck Div LPO I had a guy that missed ships movement. Now that is a frying offense, no one missed ships movement. I had reported him AWOL at 5:30 that morning and as we pulled away from the Pier at 7:00 we were told that the captains wife had custody of him. The story was that his mother told him not to go (he was supporting her on his E-2 pay) so he didn't.

When we returned he received a Hardship discharge, not dishonorable. So the note from mom can work!
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