GRR for multiple automated metrology tools


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I’m new to this area and seeking for help with the recent challenges from my customer. We have three tools at customer site.
My questions below
1, whether is it reasonable to apply GRR test to multiple tools, instead of only applying grr on each single tool? Customer claims that all three tools should be taken as a whole system. Thus, they collect one set of data on each tool with the same parts, then put all data together to calculate grr. This way they take the tool-to-tool variation as the operator-to-operatior variations. (I somehow feel this isn’t reasonable, because there must be tool2tool differences, thus we can’t use the same method to as
2, for single tool test, in each round of data collection, we collect 10 cycles/measurement results on 5 parts, then pick the results of 6 consecutive cycles (x5 parts=30 data points). And we collect 3 rounds of data as it’s been collected by 3 operators (but since it’s highly automated tool, we actually have the same operator clicking buttons). Is this data picking reasonable in practice?

hope I described the questions clearly and looking forward to your insights.

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If those tools are similar, a single study can be conducted.

And since there is a single operator, it's better to conduct only a repeatability study, not GRR.

Can you provide more information regarding what you mean by automated tools and using all 3 tools as a system to answer your question better?
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