GUDID / UDI and Company Relocation


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We're a very small business moving into larger and larger buildings as we expand (hopefully not again for a bit). That said, the address for our active UDI is no longer accurate.
I updated the address for our DI in GS1's Data Hub and made it active.
Where I'm stuck is: our GUDID account is showing our old address and you cannot edit (that I can find) within the GUDID login. Is it safe to assume that GUDID info will refresh after making account changes in GS1's Data Hub?

:notme:Bonus question: Anything extraordinary I need to look out for in changing our FDA listing address for our registered device?

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I've had the same issue. What I found, somewhere on the FDA's website, is that GUDID uses listing from Dun & Bradstreet, but didn't say how frequently GUDID refreshes the info from D&B.
The problem I have is that D&B lists both addresses (old and new) and there is no way to update or specify in GUDID which one to use.


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Oh boy... I was hoping to not get D&B involved. I still don't fully understand their role in all of this aside from the FDA using them for this information. Will contact them and update as last resort, but seems you're right. Thanks!


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Mihzago is right, the FDA autopopulates the Company Name and Company Physical Address fields from D&B based on the Labeler DUNS Number. Their (broken link removed) (I've linked the most recent, as of 3/27/2017) states the following regarding the Data Element Labeler DUNS Number:
"All edits to information connected to the Labeler DUNS Number must be done through Dun & Bradstreet. No edits of DUNS information will be permitted in the GUDID."
However, it also says the following regarding the Data Element Company Physical Address:
"Ideally, this address should match the labeler address as shown on the device label but since this data element is not displayed to the GUDID public user, this is not a requirement for data consistency."
So it appears the FDA isn't too concerned about the address updating rapidly (though you should still update D&B of course).
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