Guidance and Suggestion For Mechanical Testing PT Program Provider


I would like to ask, can you suggest to me PT Provider for mechanical testing, seems it hard for me to find it.

Currently we are in the process of getting ISO/IEC 17025 for welded material mechanical testing.

Our test methods are accordance to:
1. Tensile test: ASME BPVC Section IX and AWS B4.0M
2. Bend test: ASME BPVC Section IX, AWS B4.0M and ASTM E190
3. Charpy Impact Test: ASME BPVC Section IX and AWS B4.0M
4. Vickers Hardness Test: AWS B4.0M and ASTM E92
5. Macro Etch Examination: ASME BPVC Section IX and ASTM E340

I've been search the PT providers, however they provide the test for metal product only, means not welded product.

Appreciate if you all can assist me on this matter
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