Guide 25 Extension, IASG Interpretations


Dan Indish

The following was issued by the IASG on 1/22/99 and is at the ASQ
website at: - Link Was: /standcert/qs-9000/sancl.html

This is the interpretation our customers needed and will give us, the providers, time to respond.

"Element 4.11 Control of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment

C2 Calibration Laboratory Requirements, (4.11.2.b.1) (1/22/99)

Due to a current lack of suppliers of accredited calibration services
for calibration laboratories, compliance to QS-9000:1998 Third Edition
laboratory requirements, 4.11.2.b.1,
may be satisfied if the supplier
has a documented plan to assure that,
effective January 1, 2001, the supplier is fully in compliance with
QS-9000:1998 Third Edition cl. 4.11.2.b.1 requirements.

More information is available in a QS-9000 Laboratory Requirements Self
Study Guide available from AIAG at (USA) 248-358-3003 and on the AIAG

I now have to get back to my A2LA application package.

Jack Gale, ASQ-CQE
ESSCO Calibration Lab
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