Gunman kills up to 20 children in Brazil

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Words cannot express how sad that is. How someone can be so bad off, so warped and twisted in their own logic, and just start murdering people....

As a parent, my heart just sank. :(

Thoughts and prayers go out to the community directly affected by this.


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Absolutely horrible, my heart breaks for the parents/relatives of the dead.

And on a side topic, isn't it sad that when something like this happens, people think first of the USA?


It is so sad that we live in this global society that shares such global attrocities. Even sadder was the comment about the U.S. when this is an international phenomena. All people should feel safest in the

http: //www .canada .com /Factbox+school+shootings+worldwide/4575919/story.html - DEAD 404LINK UNLINKED

All people should be safest in their places of worship, schools and hospitals and that sanctity should be honored by goovernments and crackpots.

Perhaps this international Quality Forum can continue to help all visitors with the hope that we can contribute to the Quality of Life as well as Quality of Process.

May the Lord bless and protect the souls lost to us in these horrific incidents.
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