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Another summer activity was getting hair cuts - usually right before the "mid-summer" break, when occaisional new camper (AND PARENTS) would visit, and right before the end of the summer when PARENTS would arrive to pick us up. I seem to remember that the barbers would come out to the camp, and we sit out in the open in front of the Craft Shop where they'd "Buzz" us.
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The "Tosebo Trim" was not exactly stylish, but it was quick. In Ross's time, I remember the Craft Shop being used, whike in the Tonkin's era, haircuts were done on the back porch of Welcome House. The barber for many years was Red Schaeffer, who had a shop in Onekema (complete with pool table) next to the Drug Store. I don't believe one asked for a haircut - it was more like getting drafted! DDW


Fully vaccinated are you?
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I was only there in 1960. :(

It was a neat place!

Yeah - the haircuts were pretty standard.
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