Happy Year 2002 - Resolutions anyone?


Laura M

New thread so as not to interfere with road kill recipes!

Happy New Year to all - how bout some cove New Year's resolutions?

My #1 - get a real avitar posted! I tried last nite - :evidence:

I was using my NEW Santa Claus delivered lap top with all the bells and whistles including wireless internet from the comfort of my couch instead of office - and lost the connection just as I went to update.

#2 resolution - do a better job of sharing stuff I've successfully used and implemented. As I started the hard drive clean up I found alot of "stuff" that others may find handy.

#3 ( altho not cove related) is to use the palm pilot (it came free with the lap top). I can't seem to get rid of my pen and paper for the 'things to do' list. My 10 year old Franklin planner is some sort of security blanket. But since I didn't order a refill, I may make it this year!

Cheers everyone - and for those logged in today - if you get into the bubbly stuff be safe!


Just a few

It's a short list:
1) lose 15 pounds (yeah right)
2) try at least 6 beers that I've never had before (that's what makes the pounds so hard to lose!)
3) go somewhere I've never been before
4) try a sport I've never done before

and the old standby: 5) try to talk less and listen more.

I should probably add a business related one, so how about 6)sticking it out and getting the ISO certification by year's end? It's much better than 7) cutting and running when the going gets tough!

Jim Biz

Just a few

1) Do/say/Share "what I can" to help Marc & assist visitors to the Cove understand the world QA folks live-in.
1) Shead/remove/recognize the "things" In my personal worklife situation I find are unmoveable barriers and those I have no control over.
2) Have the sprit to face reality for "what it is"
3) Got to cut down smoking (1 pack a day is too much)
4) Find a work related situation where my skills and knowledge can be as helpful/effective for society as possible....

If I in the next year can recognize in December 2002 60-80% of these goals have been met - it will be a good year....


Here's mine!

1. Stop following Lucinda's posts just to see her avitar.
2. Attempt to broaden my horizons and not be so confrontational. We'll try.
3. Try to figure out a way to create my own site for $40.oo or less.:vfunny:

Love y'all.


Fully vaccinated are you?
It's Here! (EST in the US)

Happy New Year!
Happy Year 2002 - Resolutions anyone?

Nope - no specific resolution(s). After 50+ years, I'm always in Continuous Improvement mode. And I never lie... :rolleyes: I did loose about 30 pounds since August. I guess I'll just say that was my New Years resolution, I achieved it, and now... On with the show! :thedeal:​

Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
I wish you all
A Happy New Year

I wish continuous improvement to us all and the world we live in.


Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Happy New Year everyone! I wish each of you success in your meeting your resolutions.

I guess I am like Marc. Keeping resolutions requires intrinsic motivation that unfortunately, my share is not enough to meet all the resolutions I probably should make and keep. But, I will give you a short wish-list for myself.

1. I would like to borrow #2 and #5 from Lucinda, #1 from Jim, and continue to support Howard’s wish for all of us.
2. Do what I can to find more motivation so that I can accomplish more
3. Prioritize better
4. Expand my efforts to communicate the SoPK.
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