Has anyone been through the ISO 14001:2015 process?


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has anyone been through the ISO 14001:2015 process and either completed a transition or started it from new?

Can you please PM me

Many thanks


Trebor :bigwave:


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Do you have a specific question regarding implementing ISO 14001 or transitioning from the previous version?

Most of this is the same - Gap Analysis, make a Plan, Check results.


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The best piece of advice is to not look too deep, take the standard as it is and when unclear use the glossary in section 3 "Terms and definitions" and Annex A and don't get all wrapped around the axle because ISO 14001:2015 is "new"...Because it ain't really.

The folks I've audited really hadn't changed a thing from their previous EMS other than references to ISO 14001:2015. Their EMS was already risk based and built into their business process thru business planning and performance monitoring, they have always considered life cycle with evidence going back years and there was no question of leadership involvement.


Hi Trebor, :bigwave:

Just starting out on the ISO 14001:2015 implementation from scratch, we have no current EMS in place within my organization.

I'm based in Cheshire UK.

What's your situation my friend?

Cheers, Stu
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