Has anyone created a Turtle Diagram reflecting the new ISO 9001:2015 Structure?


Sandy Simpson

Has anyone created a turtle diagram reflecting the new ISO 9001:2015 structure they would like to share??:bigwave:


I haven't adjusted my Turtle format at all in transitioning to 2015.

I suppose am unusual in that I actually prefer Turtles: they are easy for Process Owners to construct and take ownership of, and they are actually a pretty good self-contained job description for Process Owners. There isn't enough modification to the standard that requires a change in what is a document with clear boundaries.

However, one thing I am considering, because I have asked EACH of my Process Owners to do their own Interested Parties analysis and Risk Assessment, is adding extra boxes onto the diagram to represent these. Perhaps they need to be called tarantula diagrams?


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I just finished some turtles, but there's no difference between what they are and what they would have been for any previous standard. They describe process characteristics, not conformity to requirements.
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