Has anyone evaluated or purchased APQP software from Omnex called AQUA?



Has anyone evaluated or purchased APQP software from Omnex (called AQUA3 rev 3.1 beta4)?
How is it workin out, is it stable (any crashes), how is the service, did you need to customize it?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

David Guffey

I went back in and reviewed what was in those links, and I'd like to spend a few moments discussing PowerWay.

I have been using PowerWay since the first of the year. I inherited the software when I took my current position.

I do not disagree that in 1998 PowerWay was full of problems. However, I can also say that PowerWay has done a heck of a job cleaning up those problems. With current updates, I am a very happy camper with little to no problems with the software.

I find the discussion of Technical Service interesting, as well. I have had VERY competent and satisfactory Technical Service. And, PowerWay's training is among the best I have been to. After the training, I could immediately apply what I was trained in.

The document control aspects of the software are superb. Every customer who has received a PPAP from the PowerWay software has been pleased. And, isn't that where it counts most? I have been pleased with the ease of use of the APQP software. The more it's used and the more the guts are built up, the easier it is to use.

Is there better software out there? Perhaps. Especially if you are willing and able to pay for it. But, I have had recent and very different experience with the PowerWay software than what I read about a year ago. I thought it only fair for others to see and know.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Those who know me know I rarely recommend any specific software as each company has different equipment and different needs. In addition, I typically suggest companies which aren't 'very big' to consider making their own solutions with what they have in-house. But even big companies look at alturnatives - Motorola Guadalajara contracted with an outside firm to program several databases for their LotusNotes system - document control, nonconformance tracking, etc.

It has been some time since I directly worked with Powerway products. My past experiences were nightmares. However - I cannot say they have not upgraded their product and services - I don't know. Powerway is a big, long established company with big advertisements so they must be doing something 'right'.

I do advise companies, as I do with any software, to try before you buy. Make them come in and show you it works on your network and with the computers you have. That was, in fact, a past complaint with Powerway. They came in and 'demo'ed on a Powerway portable computer. They got the sale based upon the salesperson's assurance the clients' equipment and network was sufficient - which was not the case as was discovered as soon as they tried to install the software on their network after the software was purchased. Their network couldn't handle it. Nor was the installation and 'initiation' as advertised - legacy documents had to be 'cut and pasted' a section at a time one document at a time. Very, very time consuming - put the company way off schedule and dented the budget a bit.

I wanted to reply to this because, as you say, you inherited a functioning system which is must different than trying to get the thing up and running from zero - I know several companies which bought and quickly abandoned Powerway because of the problems. However it should, in all fairness, be taken into consideration that companies may not fully involve their IS folks and in the process of working with Powerway (or any other software company) may not accurately described their systems.

Again - my 'opinion' is to ensure you 'try before you buy' any software. Make them set it up on your computers on your network and show it works. If you have legacy documents and they say they will 'easily import', I would say 'show me'.

As a last note I might point out that LotusNotes gets the same treatment as Powerway - there are those who love LotusNotes and those that curse it just like some folks have good experiences with Perry Johnson and some hate the very name of Perry Johnson.

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