Has anyone here gotten Gigabyte Fiberoptics (Internet) to home?


Fully vaccinated are you?
Has anyone here gotten Gigabyte Fiberoptics to home? Cincinnati Bell just rolled out their service (Fioptics) where I live. No data cap. Same price as Time-Warner's 50GB down (also no data cap). I live in area code 45069 in the US (Olde West Chester, Ohio).

I know for 99% of the folks out there, Gigabyte internet far exceeds their needs. Most people do very well with a 10MB to 50Mb down.

Like I say - Just wondering if anyone visiting Elsmar has Gigabyte optic fiber to home connection and the pros and cons.


I wish. In the rural area where we are, our only option (besides dial-up) is satellite. It's slow, unreliable, and has data limits.
Us too, 60-80 kps max on copper. The big benefit as I see it, viruses do not have any time to load, you can spot a redirect a mile away and just click it off. I did try to download Steam and it took just over 24 hours.

John P (2016 Owner)

That is really slow. I remember the dial-up days. Bummer. Then again, where you live can make up for a lot. I'd rather live rural than city.
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