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Have you used Intelex Corrective Action Database?



I just reviewed a demo from Intelex on their corrective action database, which our corporate office is thinking of launching at all our divisions. I wondered if there are any Intelex users out there who can offer up a review....

Any feedback is appreciated!:thanks:
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Starting to get Involved
No but our company will be starting to use it this year; we'll see how it goes. They are also supposed to have a APQP/PPAP module that links CP/PFMEA and PF together and to other documents coming out later next year. I have HIGH HOPES that it can link everything as it should be, and give the ability to make mass changes (parent/child parts, part family, all CP, etc) to linked workbooks


Thanks Ironpoorer, I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Im also looking forward to seeing what the system can do.:thanks:
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