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Hazardous Waste - Tips for creating standardized training


I am new to hazardous waste and was wondering if anyone had any tips for creating a standardized training for hazardous waste. If you have any example or possible just a list of things you are sure to cover. I work for a small quantity generator that is a manufacturing plant.

Thank you in advance!
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It's depend on Hazardous waste generate in your industry, please define the Hazardous waste & classify as per significant, Later prioritize it. Now refer their Material safety data sheet(MSDS) for the hazardous product. The MSDS will have the Hazardous handling procedure. Kindly make note of it & prepare training material accordingly. Later review is there any common point & give training to your employee.

I have attached a sample MSDS for product. Here refer section 2, 7 & 8 for training.



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Sorry but Rajasekar is way off base. Hazardous Waste training is primarily governed by US EPA regulations under 40 CFR, US OSHA regulations under 29 CFR and US DOT regulations under 49 CFR as well as what might be required for a particular state and there is no one size fits all because it's complicated and will encompass personal protective equipment (OSHA); hazardous materials awareness under OSHA Hazcom requirements; emergency response under OSHA; waste area, characterization, containment and labeling management EPA, labeling and packaging for shipment DOT, and a whole lot of other stuff. Hazardous waste training requirements can also be broken down by status such as CESQG, SQG, LQG and so forth...It's not as simple as looking at MSDS (SDS) generic, vanilla language. Depending on your local if you want to end up in court real quick as a defendant get it wrong and take advice from folks that haven't done it hands on.
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