Health Canada email re fee proposals sent to group - driving me mad!



Have any of you arrived into work to the email from Health Canada that was sent to a mass group? the email is regarding an information clarification session on the fee proposal that HC are running in November. However, the sender of the email has made a mass group and people are hitting reply all. I have 126 emails from some of these people at the moment! giving me all of their details when they reply (If i was that way inclined) - my question is does anyone know if this is a genuine mistake that the mailshotter made, or whether this email is actually spam?/hacker obviously I am not going to reply and am having our IT look at the account.


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I also got this notice; seems genuine.
There is not much to do about it except to ignore it.

What I did learn from that is that they want to increase the costs significantly. This plus MDSAP program makes them unattractive market for small startups.



Hi LFZR - might want to check your email server settings or similar because I got the email, but not getting anything further. From what I can see it is a mass group email, but only I see my name (using Outlook 2016 to company server).

Agree that Health Canada is definitely going the wrong direction like the EU in stifling innovative products to their market and creating a huge regulatory burden and financial burden for small companies. I have known even moderate size and larger companies planning to pull their product from market in Canada primarily because of cost, time, and resource commitment doing MDSAP.

I can see how Health Canada does not have the resources to check all manufacturers so must rely on external party certification to help minimise the risk and provide some level of assurance. However, MDSAP is poorly implemented being an "all or nothing approach" unlike how CMDCAS was only for Canada. Anyway, I won't get on my MDSAP soap box :deadhorse: :).
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