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Health Charts in Excel


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I'm 90 Kgs, and my height is 1.72 m. Is that really extreme overweight?
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Aaron Lupo

Yeah, I don't think much of these things. According to the attached I am obese yet by body fat is 12.5% go figure!


Yeah, I don't think much of these things. According to the attached I am obese yet by body fat is 12.5% go figure!
12.5% of body fat is quite normal for male and is not considered to pose any health risk. The overall weight of different people can be the same but all might have different amounts of body fat, muscle, and bone. Total weight isn't the only thing that matters. The amount of weight that comes from fat, aka % body fat, is one of the important factors that determines whether or not the overall body weight would affect the individual's health.

Body composition, a new dimension of measuring the body weight while taking into consideration different components that constitute our body weight, is a better health indicator.

More about 'Body composition' can be found here.


I am attaching 2 Excel spreadsheets - one on "How Much water is required by your body" and another on the "Ideal Weight" based on height.

Hope you find it useful :)

Note: these are not created by me but got as forward in email from a friend !
Out of the two attachments, the one titled as 'ideal Weight' gives fairly reliable results but the 'water requirement calculator' doesn't fit well especially when used to calculate the water requirement of kids.

The amount of water that the kids normally require is much more than the figure it generates based on the overall body weight of the individual. In addition, compared to adults, the frequency of water intake for kids is also higher for the simple fact that they are more active, grow faster and thus their rate of metabolism is considerably higher.

One thing that too I'm not sure about is whether the value generated by the calculator is for pure water or it's the total water intake in all forms; i.e. through milk, juice, food, fruits etc. For a kid weighing 10 kg, it calculates 330 ml of water/ day while in practice, the total daily requirement of this age group comes out to be around 1.50 Ltrs. (water in all forms).

Whatever I said here is simply based on my observations and the exercises I did with the attachment. However, it works fairly well with the adults.


bazzle - 2012

If I drink that much water for my weight (80kg 2640mils) I need to pee every 30 minutes!

My doctor told me some bodies hold water differently than others and that those charts are a rough guide only.
Example being desert dwellers who need a lot less water intake. So this may depend on your ancestry?

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