Height Gage Compensation Block Calibration


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We have a Mitutoyo LH-600 and a Tesa Hite 600 height gage. These height gages have the capability to touch off on opposing surfaces and report the distance between them.

An artifact comes with the height gages that basically looks like two gage blocks stacked on top of each other with some overlap. You touch off on the downward facing and upward facing surfaces and that sets the effective ball diameter. Once this procedure is done the height gage is ready to measure opposing surfaces.

Does anyone here (especially from Medical Device) have similar height gages and do you have or should you have the artifact calibrated?

BTW, the artifacts are listed as accessories by the manufacturers and do not come with a seperate calibration certificate. Only spec I could get after several calls to tech support is 0.2 MICRON parallelism and 0.1 MICRON flatness


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I'm not in medical but we use "standards" to verify and calibrate our micrometers. The standards are sent out annually to be done to NIST. Do you all have other things you get calibrated outside where you could send that with them?
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