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calibration of weight sets

good day1! our section (calibration section) acquired a weight set (1mg -500g) class E2 and would like to use this to calibrate(in-house) other weight set with lower class. The problem is that what weighing scale are we going to use?Are there any specific scale appropriate for calibrating other sets. And what are the basics of calibrating weights (any published procedure)?

Jerry Eldred

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Some of the companies that make good digital electronic scales and balances are: Sartorius, Mettler. As for methods, that is not my specialty. But there are very likely some methods published by ASTM or ANSI (can't remember which is correct). The other alternative is to contact the manufacturer and ask them for the correct method. I will check with my weight calibrating specialist and ask him for some of the best places to search for a procedure.


As far as published standards, I am aware of NIST's "Handbook for the Quality Assurance of Metrological Measurement" (aka Handbook 145).

It should also give information on the specs/tolerances of balances to be used.

Mettler and Sartorius will have appropriate models.
Denver Instruments (owned by Sartorius) and Ohaus also
manufacturer high quality balances.

Most are sold through distrbution companies such as Fisher Scientific.

Hope this helps.

Ryan Wilde

I realise that you are not in the USA, but NIST does have quite a few web resources available. Check Here for NIST Handbook 44, Specifications, Tolerances, And Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices (2001). After that, bounce around the website, it has huge amounts of information.

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