Help!! Design Chaos


Tina W

Since we use a highly skilled personal (Tool & Die Makers) to make our dies and a certain amount of designing is done on the shop floor as our dies are assembled, any idea as to how I could control the design control? Any ideas would help. Thanks in advance.

Dan Larsen

A few thoughts...

Use a "job folder" that follows the job through production. Allow changes (perhaps by certain authorized personnel based on skill and ability) to make changes in process. Provide a documentation system to record the changes (this might include marking up the print). Any changes have to be initialed and dated. When the job is complete and the function is approved (final inspection?), have all documentation related to the job go to a "review board" to make sure the changes are properly documemented on the final design documents.

I think the key is making sure the design changes made in process are made by "authorized" personnel and that the changes are reviewed at the end of the line.

Tina W

Thanks Dan
We have something like that in place but no one initial or dates the changes. I'll put this in place and see how it goes. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.
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