Help: Implementing ISO in a Freight (Transportation) Company


How to implement ISO in a freight company

I recently started a new job as the ISO Coordinator for a freight company. This company doesn't have a quality system at all, could some tell me how can I define the processes, also could you share the quality manual and procedures




transportation implementation

There are 160 company drivers, 80 owner operators, 41 folks in the mechanic shop, 35 folks in the paint shop, and 68 in the office.

We have both short and long haul.

Only one location

We lease some trucks, tyres, etc



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Well, you're going to have some fun. See the attached for some thoughts.

I would start by simply flow charting your systems (what you do) by department and determine what your measureables are. There are lots of examples of flow charts in other threads and QMS (Quality Management System) Implementation

Some things - such as your nonconformance / corrective action system - probably exist by do not measure up to requirements.

Give it a start and then come back with specifics. Just remember your 'main' measureables are going to be on-time delivery and on-time pickup.

You have a relatively complex company to deal with, however, so expect some significant work in bringing it all together.

If I was you, I'd get a consultant to come in for a week to help you get started. Not many folks from transportation companies visit these forums and I know of no other transportation specific resource.


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