Help me understand how to conduct a Chi Square Test


Mayank Trivedi


PLease refer to the attached file and help me understand how to conduct a chi test. The idea is to understand which gender is better to have and financially viable.

Help with any otehr analysis is also welcome.



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Steve Prevette

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I assume you are looking for a 2 x 2 contingency table. The rows are Male or Female, the columns are good or bad. Here is one of many internet links to information

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An initital question though - is this for a college course or an actual application where you work?

Mayank Trivedi

Hi Steve,

This is actual office scenario.

I do not want to lok at a 2x2 contingency table but much more. The query is if I have to study both genders, 2 or more columns mentioned here then how big will the table get adn how can I interpret results. If anyone can explain to me a 3x3 table with the example here then I will manage the rest.

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