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Help request - ISO 1926:1979 - Cellular plastics - Determining tensile properties



Hello Elsmar Friends,

My company is ISO 9001:2000 registered, whew, but a significant part of the company is engaged in software/firmware development. This group has not developed any cohesive quality objectives or software quality measurements as is required by the standard and as makes common sense. For now, please forget about how a Fortune 500 money printing machine can get so far without doing something as basic as developing quality metrics in this area, but we have.

Does anyone have a working knowledge of the following with regard to the ISO 9126 standard parts 1-4:

A. The critical quality characteristics that the standard addresses with regard to software quality
B. The external/internal quality metrics that are prescribed within the standard
C. Quality in use metrics prescribed within the standard

Any help would be appreciated. This standard is absurdly expensive in order to buy in the hopes that the guidance can be used by my organization. If I can get some solid feedback, perhaps I can justify the expense.

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

Scott Bickley
IGT Internal Quality Auditor


Captain Nice
Staff member
I wish I could help but this isn't my forte and I've never worked with ISO 9126 - Sorry...

Anyone else have an info on ISO 9126?
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