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Help required on the "lean" concept - effect on the economics of countries


Bill Pflanz

I did some offline communication with Craig and have confirmed that his professor wants to tie Lean concepts to its impact on developing countries and also on pollution.

Q1. Critically analyse the concept that "Lean" has on economic aspirations of developed and developing countries.

What is Lean? Literature review of Lean concept? Is there an impact on the economy? What makes an economy work? What aspirations do developed/developing countries have? What impact does Lean have on the future? Do you have any conclusions? What are they?

Q2. Explore and critically discuss the Physical and Socio – economic impact of Lean on resources and pollution.

What are the physical resources of a country? Does every country have the same resources? How are these resources used/shared/allocated? Is there a relationship between Resources and the economy? Is there a relationship between society and the economy? What is pollution? Is there any correlation between Lean/resources/pollution? Is the data researched quantifiable? Having understood what Lean is you should able to critically analyse your findings and discuss them in relation to any impact on resources and pollution.
I am not an expert on Lean but I do not remember any references to using lean in developing countries to improve the economy or to reduce pollution. Has anyone heard of either lean or other quality concepts being used specifically for this purpose? I realize that the quick answer is that you obviously can but I was wondering if anyone had any experience. Not only will it help Craig with a difficult assignment but I would be personally interested in whether quality concepts are being used for this purpose.

Bill Pflanz


Thank you for those links,

These will help me answer my pollution question accuratley (if that is what he wants :bonk: )

Just the stuff i have been trying to find


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