Help trying to explain accuracy procedure


I have an equipment that is sent to calibration with a certified supplier.
Auditor is asking about how the accuracy is reviewed and obtained. Our response is that the accuracy of the equipment is stated in the manual of the equipment and this information is provided to supplier.
The formula indicated in the manual is complex and requires knowledge of somebody with enough knowledge or experience.
However, auditor ask how we know that the accuracy is ok, the response is that we review the results provided for a certified supplier and if it is into the limits required is ok and we can use the equipment. However auditor insist on we explain the formula and how was not enough provided a certificate of certified calibration lab ?
Of course we review that the certificate accomplishes with all requirements and we take actions according to results.
I will appreciate your feedback


A good way to convince yourself of a piece of equipments accuracy is to TEST it. Feed it known samples and evaluate if it is giving you the results you expect.

A good way to describe this is with a Gage R&R.

What kind of equipment are we talking about? What is it measuring? You will get better answers with more information.
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